With GemVR's multi-decade experience with 3D and 360 VR camera systems, we offer unique and cost-effective solutions for aerial VR, 360, and GIS capture such as the industry's first stereoscopic 3D 360 virtual reality from a small UAV aircraft.  Through our own in-house licensed pilots and our global licensed affiliates, we offer other industry-first services such as GIS mapping with 360 witness cameras on drones, stereoscopic FLIR capability, and many more.  GemVR also has an extensive aerial and photography gear and equipment list available for rental in the New York City/tri-state area as well as the Boston area.  Click here to see the G&E list for GemVR.

Additionally, through our Part 107.29 waiver we can enable remote pilots in the Tri-State area to conduct nighttime operations through our training program.  For more information about our complete aerial solutions or equipment rental, contact sales@gemvr.net .

Aerial and Rental Services