Commercial Services

Security and Surveillance
Creating a unified view when multiple 360 degree cameras are in place presents serious complexity that wastes time in real-time surveillance and later forensic analysis. GemVR's platform solves analytics tasks for existing, in-place 360-degree security cameras such as person/vehicle-of-interest tracking, foot traffic/heat mapping, and vehicle traffic analysis.  At right is an example of multiple 360 cameras with GemVR's analytic capabilities to track a person-of-interest from camera to camera​​.

Virtual Tours for Real Estate

GemVR's unique and patent-pending approach can streamline real estate virtual tours, allowing us and our affiliates to offer more value (such as aerial 360) for each listing at a competitive price and with faster turnaround than anyone else in the industry. To learn more about our VR, virtual tour, and aerial services for real estate, click here.

Aerial Surveying, Mapping, and Inspection Services

In concert with GemVR's partner DroneDeploy, GemVR can provide fast and efficient 3D mapping, topographic mapping, NDVI mapping for agriculture, and visual/FLIR structural surveys and inspection all while utilizing 360 VR witness cameras -- a first in the industry, and at a fraction of the cost of previous methods.  To learn more about our aerial surveying and 3D mapping services and more, click here.